Residential Mortgage

Mortgage Enquriy1

Mortgage Enquriy

Understanding your financial situation and possible property purchase price
Looking for property2

Looking for property

According to your budget, you can start your property-hunting
Mortgage Application3

Mortgage Application

Oceantide will tailor mortgage solutions and assist your mortgage application.


After the success of the loan application,Oceantide will assist your solicitor in completing the transaction.

There are many questions you will need to ask  yourself regarding your choice of property. Then come the mortgage related ones such as: How much will it cost? How much deposit will I need? Will I get a mortgage? What lenders are available? What interest rates are available?

The home loan market is complex. There are so many different mortgages to choose from. So it’s good to know that, as your introducer, we are on hand to answer your questions. We will help you with the tricky process of providing you lots of information you may find very difficult to obtain by yourself, we even help you with further information and assistance with your application process. We take pride in offering a personal service that takes into account your individual circumstances. Your financial situation is unique, so we work hard to understand your goals and aspirations, provide relevant information and guidance based on a comprehensive and detailed analysis of your needs.

Request Documents

  • 1) ID (e.g. Passport) and Poof of address (e.g. Utility bills or Bank statement or credit card statement within last 3 motnhs).
  • 2) For employed, please provide last 3 months payslips and bank statements; for self-employed, including sole traders, company share more 15%, normally lenders require 3 year financial statements, SA302 and tax overviews.
  • 3) 3-12 month bank statements to show enough funds for purchasing property, property ownership proofs, Mortgage statements and deposits that are gifted by family, gift letter, source of wealth and proof of gifting are also required.

Mortgage Steps and Time Scales

Step 1 Initial assessment: Assess customer needs and capability of borrowing by lenders.

Step 2 Fact finding and sign Authority to Proceed and Fee Agreement. Apply for the Decision in Principle (DiP)  (1-1.5 week)

Step 3 Full application, 4-8 weeks (It might take longer depends on the different situation).


Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage. 如果您不能按时偿还按揭贷款,您的房产有可能会被用于抵债。

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate some forms of Business Buy to Let Mortgages and Commercial Mortgages to Limited Companies. Not all services we offer are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. 部分投资房产按揭贷款以及商业贷款不受金融行为监管局监管。

Stamp Duty Calculator

Purchase Price of Property
Stamp Duty payable

*Calculation based on the Chancellors Autumn Statement on 03/12/2014