logo rectangle 22/01/2014 为庆祝中国新年到来并答谢新老客户对我们的支持,从即日起,我们将提供免费的转按揭服务。欢迎垂询。 21/01/2014 由于技术故障,近来我们的网站服务出现了中断。经过网络公司的抢修,目前已全面恢复正常。为此,我们特向在此期间服务受到影响的客户表示真诚的歉意。 04/11/2013 为方便客户,我公司将于11月8日起正式落户毗邻中国城的Covent Garden。新办公地址距离Covent Garden地铁站只有2-3分钟的步行距离。新公司的地址为: 25 Floral Street,London,WC2E 9DS。欧盛泰德欢迎您的光临! 01/08/2013 在网站投产初期,我们的拍卖房产信息服务数据库还在完善之中,暂不接纳新会员(黄金、白金和钻石会员)。但是,申请按揭贷款的用户,可以在本网站免费注册,并在会员专区获得按揭贷款进程的实时更新。As the website just went live, the auction property information database is currently under construction, so we will not accept new Gold, Platinum and Diamond members. Please wait for our further notice. For our mortgage customers, you may register as a free member and start to access to updates on your mortgage application at the Member Zone. 20/07/2013 在漫长的接近一年的等待后,终于欧盛泰德的网站正式和大家见面了。感谢那些参与这个网站建设的兄弟们的辛苦工作,对那些曾经给与这个网站建设支持和帮助,或曾出谋划策的人致敬。也感谢欧盛泰德耐心的用户。谢谢大家!目前,拍卖房产信息服务还在最后的准备阶段,所以,暂时无法接纳新客户。如果,您对这块服务感兴趣,请联系我们,我们将在接下来的日子里向您提供这个板块的最新进展信息。After nearly a year long wait, our website has finally gone live. Thanks to those who have given us supports, care and concern; thank you for your patience. Thank you! Currently, the auction listing information sector is still at the final preparation stage, so it is temporarily not accepting new customers. If you are interested in this service, please contact us by using our Contact Form, we will update you with any progress of it. 27/01/2013 好消息!我们的网站建设工作已接近尾声,将按计划于本月底完成设计。二月份将进入,测试和验证阶段。届时,我们将邀请数位参加过我们前期市场调研的客户免费试用。 28/12/2012 OSTD website is still under development. This work will continue into January 2013. Hopefully, the site will be ready for our customers in early February. We are sincerely sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.